Friends Scheme

We need YOUR support

Vinters Valley Nature Reserve is NOT run by any council, but by a group of dedicated local volunteers, who have formed a registered charity called the “Vinters Valley Park Trust”. To keep the nature reserve open, as a space for the whole community to enjoy we need your money

Please become a “Friend of the Reserve”

It’s so easy!

Being a Friend means that your support will greatly contribute to the conservation of our rapidly disappearing native wildlife in Maidstone. You will receive the quarterly newsletter “Parklife”: information, exclusive access to the members forum on this website and seasonal articles about the reserve, as well as invitations to any ‘Working for Wildlife’ activity days such as scrub clearing or pond building, fun events, guided tours and the AGM.

Join the friends! We suggest a donation of £4/5 per household per month, more if you can, or whatever you can afford.

Please click here to request the “Join the friends” form. Once complete, please return it to the address provided on the form.