Of the month 2022

This year we thought it would be good to celebrate life in the reserve and so we have chosen a number of different trees and birds to create a ‘Tree of the month’ and ‘Bird of the month’ for 2022. A chance to learn about the different trees and bird species for yourself

Please select a choice from the options below:


January 2022The Blackbird
March 2022The Long-tailed Tit
April 2022The Blue Tit
May 2022The Great Tit
June 2022The Canada Goose
July 2022We have no bird of the month. Why?
August 2022The Moorhen
September 2022The Mallard Duck
October 2022The Wren
November 2022The Coot
December 2022The Robin


January 2022The Hazel
February 2022The Yew
March 2022Goat Willow
April 2022Budburst and blossom, new beginnings
May 2022The Hawthorn
June 2022The Elder
July 2022The Lime
August 2022The Buddleia
September 2022The Oak
October 2022Autumn Colours
November 2022The Coastal Redwood
December 2022The Holly