Many of you will be well aware that Mycology is the study of Fungi in all of its forms. You will not necessarily be aware that within the Management Committee one committee member has a particular focus in this regard, in the same way that other areas such as Butterflies, Moths and Birds are represented.

Geoff Chapman has a longstanding interest in fungi and specialises in fruiting bodies i.e. wild mushrooms and bracket fungi that appear from time to time on the ground or as tree attachments. All fruitings are essentially linked to the seasonal weather and dependent upon supporting trees and plants.

Geoff kindly provided some photographs of his sightings from a 90 minute walk around the reserve in September 2010. Ben Kirby has also provided some additional photos.

The aim is to not only cultivate this interest but also to help the management committee update the reserves' database over the next few years. This will assist observations in other plant and wildlife aspects and help give further direction for the production of our annually reviewed management plan.

We welcome visitors to take photos of the fungi but the Management Committee stresses however the need to maintain a safe environment. In particular please do not remove or touch the fungi. Some fungi can be fatal not only through direct ingestion but also through the fungi spore being transferred through touch and clothing. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH.

Vinters Valley Park Trust (VVPT) &/or any of its committees and their members will not be held liable to anyone who ignores the warning information above.

If you have any photos of fungi taken within the reserve and would like to share them with other members and visitors please contact us through our website.

Thank you

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