About – The Trust & Committees

Vinters Valley Nature Reserve is NOT run by any council, but by a group of dedicated local volunteers, who have formed a registered charity called the “Vinters Valley Park Trust”.

Reserve Warden

  • Steve Songhurst


Martin Cox - Chairman

Martin Cox – Chairman

Gary Cooke

Gary Cooke – Trustee

Paul Walsh

Paul Walsh – Trustee

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Anne Brindle – Trustee

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Peter Lott – Trustee

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Chris Sheppard – Trustee

The secretary for the Trustees is Currently Vacant as of 18/05/21
The treasurer is Anne Newman

Management Committee

The management committee are responsible for the running of the reserve and the management plan.  They report to the Trustees.  Some of the members specialise in certain wildlife subjects and conservation:

  • Harry Lowder (Chair)
  • Ben Kirby (Vice Chair, Birds, Butterflies & Photography)
  • Steve Songhurst (Warden)
  • Howard Bentley (Flies)
  • Peter Kirby (Butterflies)
  • Jackie Kirby
  • Anne Newman (Treasurer)
  • Tony Hewson
  • Lynne Overett (Photography)
  • Paul Walsh (Trustee & representative for the trustees)
  • The secretary to the management committee is: Currently Vacant

Fund Raising Sub Committee
The committee are responsible for finding funding for the reserve

  • TBA (Chair)
  • Harry Lowder (Chairman of the Management Committee)
  • Peter Kirby

IT & Social Media Sub Committee

The committee are responsible for IT & Social Media for the reserve\trust

  • Ben Kirby (Chair & Website Editor)
  • Lynne Overett
  • Steve Songhurst (Reserve Warden)
  • Trustee to be announced