Bird of the month – November 2023

Have you seen the bird of the month?

For November it is the: Jackdaw (Corvus monedula)


Where can I find them?

A more common bird to be seen and heard in the reserve. 

The best places to look are along the top end of the Main Valley (towards the steps), MacGrory’s Meadow and at the top of the Top Steps

About the species

The Jackdaw is a small black crow with a silvery sheen to the back of its head.  Its pale white eyes stand out.  They are well known as thieves.

The species is on the UK green list, meaning its population is currently stable.

They weigh around 220g and have an average lifespan of 52 years.

Their diet is fruit, seeds, carrion and scraps.  They are also sadly known to take eggs.

They are a social bird, so often seen in flocks and flying in the sky performing aerial acrobatics.

Jackdaws normally mate for life and do not normally breed in their first year.

What do they sound like?

Their call sounds like a loud short “kya”

Where do they nest and what is the nest made from?

Jackdaws nests in holes of trees, on cliffs, buildings and have been also known to nest in chimneys. 

The nest is constructed of twigs and then lined with soft material, like wool.

As they are a sociable species, large family flocks form and they remain in close association.  Young Jackdaws are known to help nesting birds with the nest construction, by collecting and dropping sticks into the nest hole.

If you manage to spot and photograph a Jackdaw, within the reserve, why not share it on our Facebook page?