Tree of the Month 2023

One of our T Gang volunteers, Alan, has a great love of trees and has spent many an hour wandering the reserve identifying and logging the trees in the reserve, which is no small task, given that our trees numbers are bountiful and include many fine specimens.

This year we thought it would be good to celebrate the tree life in the reserve and so we have chosen a number of different trees to create a ‘Tree of the month’ for 2023. A chance to learn about the different trees and visit them yourself.

Please select a choice from the options below:

January 2023The Spanish Fir ‘Glauca
February 2023The Holm Oak
March 2023The Blackthorn (Sloe)
April 2023The Weeping Willow
May 2023The Silver Birch
June 2023The Beech
July 2023The London Plane
August 2023The Swamp Cypress
September 2023The Ash
October 2023The Cur Leaved Beech
November 2023The Turkey Oak