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What is so special about Vinters Valley Nature Reserve?

Vinters Valley is one of the few areas dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of nature which can be found so close to Maidstone’s town centre. It is a quiet oasis where animals and plants can live and if we are careful we can see, hear, smell and touch the joys of nature. But it is a delicate balance, to experience nature without destroying the very beauty we wish to enjoy. For this reason we have produced a few rules and guidelines so that not only may we enjoy the beauties of the reserve, but also future generations of people, our children and grandchildren, may also be able to do the same. Let us not rob them of the same experiences we are privileged to enjoy.

Vinters Valley Nature Reserve contains many animals, plants and historical and geological features which at present we may feel are ‘common’, but in a world in which we the  human species is grabbing an ever large share of the earth’s resources, these so called ‘common species’ and feature may well become rare…. within our lifetime.

It is for this reason that many residents living close to the nature reserve chose in the past to form a charity to protect the nature reserve and its inhabitants for the future. Additionally, many of the present local residents make financially contributions every month to ensure work can take place to protect the reserves environment. Along with Boxley Parish Council, it is local people who pay to ensure the nature reserve can fulfil its main function. If you would like to be part of our vision for the future and wish to make a financial contribution, please visit our website or contact the warden.

We welcome all visitors to the nature reserve and hope you enjoy your visit. Please show us you care for nature by following our rules and guidelines and in this way you will not only help the wildlife in the reserve to survive, but also ensure everyone can quietly experience the joys of the reserve, both now and in the future. It is by our actions that we will be judged by future generations and as Mahatma Gandhi said “We have to be the change we want to see in the world”.

We hope you treasure your visit to this nature reserve and value the part we are playing in helping to preserve the diversity of life on this planet, which people from many cultures call ‘Mother Earth’.

Please contact the warden if you wish to undertake organised events in the nature reserve.

The following are specifically prohibited in the nature reserve:

  • Dogs swimming in the lake or entering the lake enclosure area
  • Fishing / shooting / snaring / trapping or injuring of animals
  • The picking / uprooting or damage of plants and flowers
  • Barbeques, bringing alcohol or drinking alcohol in the nature reserve
  • Playing music in the nature reserve
  • The spreading of human or pet ashes within the nature reserve
  • Motor vehicles (except the agricultural vehicles), bicycles,
  • Radio controlled toys including the flying of drones and model aircraft

All illegal activities, including acts of vandalism, will be reported to the police and prosecutions actively pursued.