Tree of the month – January 2022 – Hazel

Starting us off in January is the Hazel (Corylus avellana), a tree which whispers to us that though we may be experiencing the coldness of winter, the promise of spring is round the corner once the Hazel catkins start to tremble in the wind and release their pollen.

The Hazel tree was considered by the ancient Celtic peoples to be a tree of knowledge, with its autumnal nuts ‘recepticals of wisdom’. It was also called the ‘poets tree’ for it had great association with ‘faerie lore’ and to sit under the tree was said to transport you into the realms of mystery and magic.

So whether you wish to improve your tree identification skills, or seek inspiration to write a few words of poetry, do look out for the Hazel trees found within the nature reserve.

Hazel – Photo by S.Songhurst