Bird of the month – July 2022 – We have no bird of the month. Why?

You may have noticed how much quieter it is now, compared to in May and June when birds were filling the air with song.  So, what has happened to the birds.  Are they OK, has something happened?  There’s no need to worry it’s just a normal change in their behaviour.

By the end of this month most chicks will have fledged their nests joining the ranks of their parents, as fledglings. Most adult birds stop singing, during the summer, as they are no longer defending their territories or in search of a mate.

Most birds will now go through a moult, which takes several weeks to complete.  During this period birds look rather scruffy.  Many also change their ways, becoming reclusive. They do not want to expose themselves to predators whilst they do not have a full set of flight feathers, which would make them much more vulnerable.

In late summer, there is normally a bounty of natural food available to them, such as grain, berries and fruits. Many birds abandon their nesting areas and move to where the most food is. This is the time of the year when birds are least interested in visiting bird feeders and bird tables.