Adopt A Bird Box

Over the last few years we have put up many different bird boxes, around the reserve, to help many species of birds find a place to nest during the nesting season and also a place to roost (sleep) in the cold winter months.

We are continuing with the scheme. This year (2021) the price is £20.00 for a concrete box

By adopting one of the boxes:

> You will adopt the box from March 1st until the end of February the next year. (e.g. 01/03/21 – 28/02/22)

> Your support will greatly contribute to allow us to provide and maintain suitable nesting boxes.

> Provide much needed food for the Bird Feeding Stations during the winter months to help the birds survive.

> You will receive an information pack with details about the bird box you have adopted, including a map of its location, information on what species has used the box & a certificate.

We cannot guarantee that your adopted box will be used during the nesting season as the birds decided where they want to nest.

If you would like to adopt a box please click here to request the “Adopt” form.

Once complete, please return it to the address provided on the form.

Thank you to everyone who has already adopted one.

The following boxes are currently available to adopt:

We are currently in the process of contacting everyone that has adopted a bird box in 2021.
We will announce any boxes available to adopt by the beginning of April 2022

Adopt A Bird Box Scheme