Coronavirus Update

COVID-19 Announcement
Updated 31st March 2020

Additional Precautions

Firstly, can we thank all the visitors to the nature reserve for adopting very sensible practices when visiting the reserve and allowing us to keep the reserve open.

Based upon recent experience we would recommend the following measures to add that extra layer of protection for everyone, when visiting the reserve:

  1. Can we remind everyone that the current official advice is that daily exercise walks should be restricted to one walk a day
  2. With daylight length increasing we suggest that where possible visitors spread their visits to the reserve more evenly throughout the day, rather than a majority of dog walkers turning up between 7.30am – 9.00am
  3. Please remember to social distance at all times, keeping at least 2 metres (or 6 feet) apart from other visitors, or family groups
  4. Please continue to pick up any dog poo your dog may produce whilst walking in the reserve. Leaving it for others – particularly children – to step on, creates further health hazards. However, we suggest that visitors either wear a disposable glove, or use a stick to open the lids of the dog poo bins. If you are uncomfortable using the poo bins in the reserve, then please take your pet’s ‘doggy deposits’ home with you. ‘Stick and flick’ is not an acceptable poo disposal practice!
  5. Lastly, there is one area within the reserve where you may come closer to other visitors than you are comfortable with. This is the Bargrove slope, here we are suggesting visitors adopt a ‘one way’ system, whereby you can enter the reserve from Bargrove Road and WALK DOWN THE SLOPE, but exit via another entrance / exit point. We suggest using the entrance at Netley Close.

We thank you for your continued support and would ask you to please adopt these extra precautions when visiting the nature reserve, so that it can remain open.

Government Advice is now stressing the importance of social distancing – keeping at least 2 metres apart.

All visitors to the nature reserve MUST follow this advice at all times. It’s about slowing the transfer of the virus and protecting the vulnerable in our community.

We don’t wish to see the reserve closed, but it was obvious to us when watching the latest press conference (22nd March 2020) that if the advice to keep two metres apart is not followed then open spaces like the reserve will be forced to close by the government.

Please play your part and act responsibly.

Thank you

The AGM & Wildlife Talks event has been POSTPONED, until later in the year.
We will update everyone when we have a new date organised

Visitors to the nature reserve will be aware of the current situation surrounding the outbreak of the coronavirus Covid-19. You will know that this is a fast-changing situation and that many organisations are finding it necessary to lay down sensible guidelines for their visitors, supporters, volunteers and employees.

The trustees of Vinters Valley Nature Reserve have discussed the COVID-19 situation and after careful consideration have agreed to the following measures:

(1) The nature reserve will remain open to visitors who wish to visit the nature reserve, however we would ask all who visit the nature reserve to be mindful of the advice provided by the UK Government’s Chief Medical Officer regarding ‘social distancing’ see:

(2) All events organised and planned by the Vinters Valley Nature Reserve warden & management team will be postponed, until further guidance on the ever-changing situation regarding COVID-19 is known. We hope to restart visitor events later this year, perhaps in the summer, once official guidance indicates that it is considered safe to do so.

(3) Other third party organisations / persons who have arranged their own events within the nature reserve should also be mindful of the advice provided by the UK Government’s Chief Medical Officer and must accept full responsibility for all persons of their group when visiting the nature reserve. The trustees of the nature reserve can accept no liability for events organised within the nature reserve by other third-party organisations / persons.

(4) Updates and further advice will be provided via:
Our website:
Facebook page:
Or notice boards.

(5) Please be considerate to other users of our nature reserve. If you do intend to visit please do not venture into any of the conservation areas, but keep to the footpaths.

Richard Jones
Vice Chair
Vinters Valley Park Trust
Vinters Valley Nature Reserve