Bird Boxes – About The Robin


This bird is a national bird and is easily recognised by most people. They are common in most of the UK.

The latin name for a Robin is Erithacus rubecula. There are about 4.2 million breeding pairs in the UK.

Robin’s are on the RSPB Green List, meaning there is no identified threat to the bird’s population.

They eat mainly worms and insects. The males are very territorial, making sure rival birds are kept away.

Robins will nest in a tree stump, bank, wall or open-fronted nest box. Breeding starts in late March with clutches of around 3-9 eggs. Incubation takes around 12-15 days and the young leave the nest within around 15 days of hatching. The nest is made from moss, grass and dead leaves and is lined with wool or hair.

The egg is about 20mm by 15mm and is a white colour with reddish spots. The female only incubates the eggs but both birds feed the young.

Photos © Ben Kirby