Bird Boxes – About The Nuthatch


The Nuthatch has a long pointed bill and is oftern observed climbing up and down trees searching for food and insects.

The latin name for a Nuthatch is Sitta europaea.

Nuthatches are on the RSPB Green List, meaning there is no identified threat to the bird’s population.

They eat mainly insects, nuts and seeds.

Nuthatches will nest in a hole in a tree or wall. In the reserve they have used two of our Blue Tit & Great Tit boxes to nest in. They are also known to reduce the size of the entrance hole with mud, preventing other species from entering or taking over the nest.

Breeding starts in late April with clutches of around 4-10 eggs. Incubation takes around 14-18 days and the young leave the nest within around 24 days of hatching. The nest is made out of bark chippings and leaves.

The egg is about 20mm by 15mm and is a white colour with reddish spots. The female only incubates the eggs but both birds feed the young.

Photos © Ben Kirby