Vinters Valley Nature Reserve Open Day 2023

Saturday 8th July – 12pm – 4.30pm

All events start at the main terrace area.  No need to book, but we would ask for a small donation if you would like to take part in any of the events.  Thank you.

More details, about each event, can be found under the times table.



12:15pm – 1pm

History Walk

1pm – 1.45pm

Tree Walk

2pm – 3pm

Children’s Safari Walk

2pm – 3pm

Mindfulness Camp

3pm – 4pm

Pond Dipping

4pm – 4.30pm AGM

You will also have the chance to meet some of the trustees, members of the management committee and the Warden who look after the nature reserve, on behalf of the community, and find out more about the nature reserve and how you can support our work, become a friend of the reserve, adopt a tree, bird box or bat box etc. 

There will also be a gazebo with a display about the reserve, including a selection of photos showing the history of the reserve.

History Walk: 45 minutes (Starts and finishes at the terrace)

Many visitors often ask questions about what the land used to look like when it was owned by the Whatman family, where the old house used to stand, what remains can still be seen. Steve our warden will lead you around parts of the reserve closely linked to the Whatman family, show you a 1869 map of the area and answer all your questions.

Tree Walk: 45 minutes (Starts and finishes at the terrace)

Steve, our warden, will take you on 1 hour walk around parts of the nature reserve to identify and talk about some of the stunning trees to be found in the nature reserve, many of which were planted more than 150 years ago by previous owners of the land, the Whatman family.  If you have often marvelled at some of the wonderful trees in the nature reserve and wanted to learn more about them, this is a great opportunity, not to be missed.

Children’s Animal Safari Walk: About 1 hour (Starts and finishes at the terrace)

We have put together a short, family trail. It’s a wonderful way to explore the nature reserve as a family.  There will be volunteers to guide you if need any help.

Mindfulness Camp: 1 hour (Meet at the terrace)

Organised by our good friends Jayne and Jules at  ‘BE … naturally’ this is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to relax and appreciate your natural surroundings, using all your senses.  No dogs allowed on this event.

Visit their website for more information on Forest Bathing.

Pond Dipping: 1 Hour (Meet at the terrace)

Always popular and a wonderful way for children to learn about nature, we will be organising pond dipping session for children at one of our wildlife ponds (not the main lake). No dogs allowed on this event.

AGM (Held on the terrace)

The chairman of the trustees will welcome friends, visitors and supporters to the AGM.  A opportunity to find out what has been happening for the last year.