Vinters Valley Park Trust – Vacancies on the Board of Trustees


There are two vacancies, from 20th June 2020, on the Board of Trustees

Extract from our Constitution: “In selecting individuals for appointment as appointed charity trustees, the charity trustees must have regard to the skills, knowledge and experience needed for the effective administration of the CIO”.

In addition if you wish to be considered, we expect you have read and understood the Charity Commission paper entitled “The Essential Trustee”.

Your time commitment will range from 7 to 10 hours on Trust business per week where your attendance at Trustee meetings every two months (at present on Skype) and at the AGM once a year, will be in addition to that time.

There will be other opportunities to volunteer outside these times on a variety of tasks occurring within the reserve. Initially you will be assisting our chair in Fund Raising.

Please kindly email our Chair – Richard Jones with your details for consideration.

Email Address

The application list will be closed on 15 July 2020